Build Talent Pipeline, Manage Knowledge: Add a Mentoring Program to your Talent and KM Tool-Kit!

What are the tools in your talent management toolbox? Do your TM processes include a structured mentoring program?  Is retention one of your challenges?  Are you interested in structured, but informal learning?  Worried about the reduced half-life of the organization’s knowledge base? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, a mentoring program in your TM toolkit will help?

I’ve personally experienced the power of both formal and informal mentoring relationships, and I know how much it can further the goal of talent development.  Having advised and designed mentoring programs for non-profit organizations, participating in pro-bono small business mentoring initiatives; having a few mentor/ protege (mentee) relationships,  I vouch for its tremendous benefits.

Why mentoring?

  1. A very cost-effective tool to develop talent
  2. Identify and nurture “young” leadership and build “Bench.”
  3. Promote retention
  4. Deliver a highly impactful “onboarding” experience that does not end with the orientation day!
  5. Harness organizational knowledge
  6. Facilitate cross-functional collaboration
  7. Exchange of expertise
  8. Facilitate structured informal learning opportunities
  9. Increase morale and build  a community

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