Strategic Success feeds off of Culture

I came across an article by Derek Irvine at TLNT .com on the importance of culture over strategy. While I do not wish to emphasis on the ‘over’ part of the conversation, I certainly agree with the writer that culture determines lasting success.

Culture influences employees more than anyone outside of HR  might estimate. Strategy can determine direction of an organization, but it is the employees imbued in the company culture who can propel the machine forward.

Culture impacts hiring, and retention decisions; culture impacts talent development ethics, and it is only the right culture that builds collaboration between teams, and LOBs to foster innovation.

In the article, the author gives an example of Zappos where customer satisfaction is a direct influence of culture. As a Learning and Development strategist I appreciate it perhaps more than a few others that Strategy and  L&D efforts are critical to success, but they are not the only determinants. Neither is the financial acumen or blessings of a VC the determinant of success.  Culture, strategy, and tactics interwoven as the fabric of operation lead to success.

A link to the above mentioned article is here

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