What will be the fate of Facebook, now that Google+ is here? From my perspective Goggle+ has the advantage of Google universe of Search, Docs, Picasa photo,Chrome, extensions for Chrome, Google Reader, and Google books, all in one!  It is essentially the ‘to-be’ social support system if you will. Perhaps not everyone will echo my sentiments, but from the 1000 users who responded to a question on their impression of Google+, my vote would be for this social support role. In my opinion, Facebook never envisioned itself to occupy that space.

Google+ has the potential to be the top governing layer to all other google services. The Sparks feature uses the same search algorithms, and therefore, one need not necessarily think about another search engine. After you have done your search, add the searched entity to ‘Sparks’  and you have your alerts, but much more detailed!
Google’s education business will definitely leverage Google+ as the social layer to its Google Apps. Integration issues would be sorted quickly for business.
For organizations that do not have a centralized collaboration space, or more importantly a Knowledge Management space  Google+ will surely work,  especially if there is a vision and a desire to enhance, and promote collaboration and innovation. Facebook was never perceived as that collaboration space.
Challenge from a business perspective would be potential security issues. From a casual perspective, I have had three friends, and two acquaintances tell me they will not join ‘one more social network’. That might change soon, or might not, but the number of Google+ users is increasing every day.
Finally, the upcoming Google+ API should demonstrate the interoperability and openness of the platform. I look forward to stories of Google+.  If you have a good story, add it to comments.
Google+ pages for brands are up and running.  G+ is ready for showtime!
7/22/11- 20 million users on Google+ as of today interview with Vic Gundotra, and Bradley Horowitz of Google or should I say Google+?

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