Web 2.0 for Learning?

Really enough has been said about using Web 2.0 technology apps for learning. Enough especially when it is suggested that Flickr, Zing, Posterous, Slideshare and others are all Web 2.0 apps for learning. So, I want to examine what makes a software program, an app for learning.

Let us start by thinking-

1. Is it an app that facilitates learning, or is it the learning design that facilitates learning?
2. Can an app inspire creative, and sound learning design principles in the creator?

This is not to say that the above mentioned apps, and others mentioned in this league cannot foster learning. They sure can, but what they need is a design hand to work on it. Exceptions to this rule are collaboration tools such as googlewave, or Etherpad which have been designed with the express intent of collaboration, either in learning formally, or fostering informal learning at work, or school.

As a learning sciences student for life, I therefore beg to differ with bloggers and presenters who wish to collate names of apps/tools and call them apps for learning. Learning design is the key, and technology is an enabler. Technology is also a driver for design, however, technology in and of itself does not promote/ enhance learning.

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