Time is ripe for Conversations and Storytelling

The Art of Storytelling has been around ever since the times of Panchatantra and before. While there is debate on when did Panchatantra originate, a lay man can settle for 3rd Century B.C. Panchatantra is a collection of fables written by Vishnu Sharma. These fables were used to help stupid princes evolve into smart monarchs. It is supposed to have worked then.

And it still seems to be working- Storytelling!

I guess I have stopped being amazed about the fact that an idea takes shape almost simultaneously in many minds. That I would have a wonderful conversation with my mentor on 29th April, and then think about conversations as a learning tool in organizations and that there would be a Storytelling weekend by Smithsonian Associates in DC around the same time speaks as much about arrival of the Period of Storytelling, as does about the merits of storytelling and conversations as a learning tool. That Pandit Vishnu Sharma and Prof. Schank have talked about it then and now, is a good reason for Instructional Designers and Learning (Training, if you must) managers to think about using storytelling as a learning tool.

2 thoughts on “Time is ripe for Conversations and Storytelling

  1. Thanks for sending me this link in your email…this is interesting! When reviewing the literature on informal learning, I found a handful of articles that discussed the usefulness of storytelling for passing on tacit knowledge.

  2. Oh yes, absolutely. Stories draw attention, help in retention and bring about strong recall of representation stored in the memory. Remembering something becomes easier when it draws on our previous knowledge. You may want to check out “Tell me a story” by Prof. Schank to understand the dynamics of memory and storytelling. I think that is why one would want to use stories in creating Learning Programs, not only for passing on tacit knoweldge, but i believe even procedural knowledge. That may be an over-kill if not used judiciously.

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