Conversations as learning opportunities

Conversations as learning opportunities (environments?)!

This race talks and talks a lot. There are dinner table conversations, bar stool conversations, coffee and conversations. And then there are discourses in lecture halls, lectures in conference rooms, power-packed corridors, mentoring meetings, museums and zoos. Discourse as a means of teaching is studied widely in education. I am interested in understanding role of discourse and conversations as means of informal education in a corporate setting. Discourse in organization in my understanding, plays a definite role not in learning within the organization, but could also be a means to support Organization Change Management. A couple things are of interest to me here: discourse analysis in corporate settings and inducement of occasions that foster educational conversation. And role of conversations in employee education. ( makes me think of conversations with a mentor!) Am thinking about it. May write more soon.. meanwhile some food for thought:

“Conversations are the way workers discover what they know, share it with their colleagues, and in the process create new knowledge for the organization. In the new economy, conversations are the most important form of much so that conversation is the organization.”- Alan Webber

2 thoughts on “Conversations as learning opportunities

  1. Rupalli, this is actually a really cool idea. Hope you pursue this. Implications would go beyond personnel training – and possibly include office-design to engineer particular types of interactions between employees. For example, imagine if one made it a rule to post a particularly designed conversation piece at a particular location….

  2. Well,it is like a research in itself, and an exploratory study can definitely be conducted to understand what is happening within corporates. i like the idea of design of offices ( though goes into Norman’s domains!, but neverthelss, cognition in the wild was always intersting!)..would have been nice to know who you were!:-)

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