Unbounded Learning

Online Learning has helped transcend geographical boundaries. This refers to development, deployment and availability issues. Concerns arise when one starts thinking about catering to different learner segments. Learner can be segmented by Age, Language and Culture to name a few. Age and language get addressed in needs analysis. What does get missed often is the cultural identification of the target audience. Research demonstrates the need for customizing the learning artifact to incorporate the cultural nuances. This can be done by capturing the prior knowledge brought to the table by the learner. While this does add more responsibility on the designer, the sponsor of such learning initiatives when sensitive to these issues, will help create better learning.

Designers may want to look at issues related to discourse strategy and cultural metaphors and analogies, to name a couple.

2 thoughts on “Unbounded Learning

  1. Hey Rupalli – Nice to see your blog about Learning. Once again, welcome to blog world. Just a thought – will a global village and higher appreciation of online learning eliminate the cultural context.

  2. Well, online learning definitely brings learners closer in my opinion, but to be able to make the learning effective, we will need to be culturally sensitive to enable evoking prior knowledge that learners have in different ethnic groups and relating learning to their prior knowledge. This is just one of the considerations. Another issue with ignoring cultural sensitivity is increasing irrelevance in content context, which can lead to lose of attention or poor performance in assessments or homework .

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